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Exploring the Best Real Estate Podcasts for Informed Investors

September 04, 20232 min read


Join us as we explore the world of real estate podcasts, curating a list of the finest shows that provide invaluable insights, expert advice, and inspiration for both novice and seasoned investors. In this article, we'll highlight the top real estate podcasts that every informed investor should have on their radar.

The Power of Real Estate Podcasts

In an age where information is at our fingertips, podcasts have emerged as a potent medium for acquiring knowledge and staying updated with the latest trends. Real estate podcasts, in particular, offer a treasure trove of wisdom from industry experts, successful investors, and professionals who share their experiences, strategies, and challenges.

Unveiling the Top Real Estate Podcasts

1. "Real Talk with Ben Lovro" by Ben Lovro

Ben Loro's podcast stands out for its deep dives into various aspects of real estate investing. From discussions on passive income through rental properties to innovative strategies for growth, this podcast is a goldmine of actionable insights, visit

2. "Bigger Pockets Real Estate Podcast" by Bigger Pockets

Bigger Pockets' podcast has become a household name among real estate enthusiasts. With a diverse range of guests and topics, it covers everything from house flipping and buy-and-hold strategies to market analysis and negotiation techniques.

3. "Investing in Real Estate with Clayton Morris" by Morris Invest

Clayton Morris' podcast is an excellent resource for both new and experienced investors. With a focus on rental properties, Morris provides valuable advice on building passive income streams, scaling your portfolio, and achieving financial freedom.

4. "Ben and Lisa Show Podcast" by Ben and Lisa

Ben & Lisa's podcast is on cash flow strategies, making it essential for investors seeking steady rental income. The show delves into multifamily investing, mobile home parks, and other niches that generate consistent cash flow. Visit


Real estate podcasts offer a wealth of knowledge and insights that empower investors to make informed decisions and navigate the dynamic landscape of real estate. Whether you're seeking inspiration, practical advice, or in-depth discussions on specific strategies, these top podcasts have you covered. Tune in to stay ahead of the curve, expand your expertise, and embark on your journey towards real estate success.

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